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GiZmo's PMU restart screentrough 5 by GiZmo1234 GiZmo's PMU restart screentrough 5 :icongizmo1234:GiZmo1234 2 2 GiZmo's PMU restart screentrough 4 by GiZmo1234 GiZmo's PMU restart screentrough 4 :icongizmo1234:GiZmo1234 0 0 GiZmo's PMU restart screentrough 3 by GiZmo1234 GiZmo's PMU restart screentrough 3 :icongizmo1234:GiZmo1234 0 2 GiZmo's PMU restart screentrough 2 by GiZmo1234 GiZmo's PMU restart screentrough 2 :icongizmo1234:GiZmo1234 0 30 GiZmo's PMU restart screentrough by GiZmo1234 GiZmo's PMU restart screentrough :icongizmo1234:GiZmo1234 2 27 Sleepy Heads by GiZmo1234 Sleepy Heads :icongizmo1234:GiZmo1234 0 23
The Element of Love Part 1
It was a nice day in Ponyville, everypony was doing what they always do but there was something weird about this day....something really really weird. Trixie was back in Ponyville but she wasnt there to brag or do her magic show she was there to make friends and be like everypony. When everypony saw her pass by they just looked another way , it looked like everypony still didn't like her. Trixie tried to talk to someponys but they didnt even look at her...did she deserve this much hate? The next day Trixie desided to leave Ponyville forever , but something really weird happend to everypony in Ponyville . They all got randomly ko'd and they all disappeared...
Trixie was the first to wake up and she saw that she was no more in Ponyville , heck she saw that they werent in Equestria anymore. Trixie saw everypony on the ground close to her but they were diferent...they werent ponys anymore , Trixie freked out and started to scream. She woke everypony up and they all looked at her and saw th
:icongizmo1234:GiZmo1234 2 11
My Little Mystery Universe P3
Previously on My Little Mystery Dungeon...
Apple Jack: *rope atk!*
Fluttershy: *stare!! , Enemys are now paralzed*
Rainbow Dash: *sonic rainboom!!*
Twilight: *ursa minor!*
Rarity: *jews atk!*
Pinkie Pie: *pies on face atk!*
**Apple Jack , Rainbow Dash, Twilight, Rarity ,Pinkie Pie  are now lv 13. Fluttershy is now lv 11 , fluttershy has learned YOU WILL LOVE ME move/mode**
Twilight: *phew* Those were alot of creatures we had to kill.
Fluttershy: yeah :/ i didnt like killing anything.
Rainbow Dash: You killed nothing scaredy Pony.
Rarity: Calm down Rainbow Dash atleast she made them move slower.
Pinkie Pie: Yeah girls ..... oh look another warp!
Apple Jack: I hope this warp takes us out of here.
Twilight: We can only hope.
**warp sounds**
Pinkie Pie: Some stairs maybe it leads to the exit , Lets get out of here girls!
Twilight: Looks kindah weird why would there be stairs that go down to get out of
:icongizmo1234:GiZmo1234 3 9
My Little Mystery Universe P2
Pinkie PIe: This cave is weird it like some how warped us to a sertain spot hmmmm maybe we should get out.
Twilight: I agree.
Fluttershy: *looks back* ummm girls.....theres no way out!
Pinkipie: O_O thats not good hmmm well theres only one thing we can do and its keep going
Flutershy: I just hope theres no creapy creatures that want to hurt us.
Rainbow Dash: Scaredy Pony.
Flutershy: Thats all you say >:
Rainbow Dash: Well im not scared of no creature lets go!
Pinkie Pie: Ok lets go.
**after some steps...**
Flutershy: Oh look a little bug creature. Come here little creature we wont hurt you ^_^
Creature: *atks*
Flutershy: OUCH! *tears start droping* Why did you hurt me :(
Creature: *uses Growl*
Flutershy: MEEP! somepony help me this thing wants to kill me!
Rainbow Dash: Rainbow Dash to the rescue! *kicks th creature*
**Msg Pops up** *Kricketot fainted* *Rainbow Dash is now lv 4*
Rainbow Dash: Wow! now i feel a little more stronger!
Flutershy: Oh my Celestia that creature sudently disapp
:icongizmo1234:GiZmo1234 2 6
My Little Mystery Universe P1
Pinkie Pie: Come on girls lets get in the PORTAL!
Twilight: Ummmm I dont know Pinkie , the last portal took us to a weird Fan Fic dimention and i did NOT like it at all.
Pinkie Pie:That was an acident this portal will take us to a poke something virtual dimention ,come on it will be fun.
Flutershy: Im ok with it as long as this dimention has no animal hurting.
Pinkie Pie: I cant guaranty anything.
Apple Jack: ill go , im done with all the apples so why not.
Rarity: Ill go as long as theres no perverted dog looking animals that want me to do work.
Rainbow Dash: Im not scared of no poke something.
Pinkie Pie: THEN ITS SETTLED! Everypony to the Portal!
Meanwhile in the Poke something dimention
unknown: Well i think we should start doing this new code so they dont cheat anymore.
unknown: I agree.
*weird portal sound*
Pinkie Pie: Yay we made it safely :D
Twilight: Wait you telling me that we risked our lifes!!!
Pinkie Pie: Silly twilight its a way of saying WE MADEIT YIPPY!
Flutershy: yay~
:icongizmo1234:GiZmo1234 2 6
Filly GiZmo by GiZmo1234 Filly GiZmo :icongizmo1234:GiZmo1234 0 8 FAILURE by GiZmo1234 FAILURE :icongizmo1234:GiZmo1234 3 16


Togekiss by Umberondrawer Togekiss :iconumberondrawer:Umberondrawer 15 13 :AT: Khloe123 by XBlackIce :AT: Khloe123 :iconxblackice:XBlackIce 92 10 Zane the Ziggy by Giniqua Zane the Ziggy :iconginiqua:Giniqua 19 21 Zangoose by Umberondrawer Zangoose :iconumberondrawer:Umberondrawer 4 13 Croquis by xa-xa-xa Croquis :iconxa-xa-xa:xa-xa-xa 6,604 268 DJ Doublebeat by Giniqua DJ Doublebeat :iconginiqua:Giniqua 7 18 Will it blend by Ankoku-Flare Will it blend :iconankoku-flare:Ankoku-Flare 111 25 Gypsy Magic by Snus-kun Gypsy Magic :iconsnus-kun:Snus-kun 795 242 DD - Page 21-22 by TamarinFrog DD - Page 21-22 :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 1,584 449 Misson 5 - EMERGENCY by Solar-Slash Misson 5 - EMERGENCY :iconsolar-slash:Solar-Slash 136 39 Eruption by rajewel Eruption :iconrajewel:rajewel 2,685 166 Doublebeat-Arcanine by Giniqua Doublebeat-Arcanine :iconginiqua:Giniqua 5 5 PMD- Explorers .:Cover:. by Ashayx PMD- Explorers .:Cover:. :iconashayx:Ashayx 89 17 Big ass snow commish by ThaMutt Big ass snow commish :iconthamutt:ThaMutt 146 105 Dat Super Model Pony by johnjoseco Dat Super Model Pony :iconjohnjoseco:johnjoseco 3,513 646 My new PMU map by PMUglacies My new PMU map :iconpmuglacies:PMUglacies 7 14



Yup we have finally moved! THe place is really nice. The weather is awesome [Cold] , the house is ok , and theres a place were i can run and play soccer or whatever really close were i live , oh and i might get back to school though ima be with a bunch of little middle schoolers XD and being 15 in middle school is gonna be sooo weird! BTW For anyone that cares My B DAy is in the 29th of january. I wished i could get on PMU and see that new Dungeon but i have no TV or Internet in my house. Currently we are living at my aunts house. Her PC and Internet is horrible BLEH! I WIll be in TMice if anyone wants to see me or is bored or PMU is down :3. My Aunts house is really really nice. She has an awesome view at the Ocean! Like wake up and see trough the window and you can see the sea![lol see the sea] For my BDAy my sister said shes gonna take me to somewere like chuckee cheses but i dont like that place cause its like for kids BUT ALL YOU CAN EAT PIZZA!!! HELL YEAH! Well i also want to see MLP X_X New episode that i really want to see. I Mostly want to get on Skype and say hi to everyone :3. In PMU i will still do the whole run trough with Osha and Treecko because im done with training arcanine [yes lv 100 >:3] and its alot of fun to go trough all PMU with baby pokemon X3.  Well i will check Deviant art everyday to see stuff and because im mostly bored. It would be awesome if you guys put a comment cause i like to talk! :D

P.S. I would put alot of Fluttershy Icons but This PC is so slow it would take about 10 minutes to load x_x
  • Listening to: Nothing....well not because i want to >:
  • Reading: i dont like reading....
  • Watching: TV :3
  • Playing: With something?
  • Eating: Stuff!
  • Drinking: water....Cause theres no soda!


GiZmo1234's Profile Picture
I am GiZmo PMU player and i like to be random.
I also am a very nice person but when you irritate me I will really eat you alive. I like My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and Pokemon :3 I am also ''Dog of War'' cause of my awsome Arcanine in PMU ;3 Whant to know more about me? Play PMU or see me in Skype :3

Current Residence: Mexico
Favourite genre of music: Rave?
Favourite cartoon character: Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie
Personal Quote: You gotta Shareeee ~ You gotta Careeee


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hello giz
Bmoreravens12 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2012
We're going out now. :)
GiZmo1234 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2012
HELL YEAHH! Congrats bro! now if only steel strings went to the future and totally went out with star X3
Bmoreravens12 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2012
Haha yeah, that would be awesome wouldn't it?
GiZmo1234 Featured By Owner May 6, 2012
mhm. wow sorry i was away for 1 week. Couldent respond. So Hows your relationship going?
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Bmoreravens12 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2012
Whoa, something awesome happened, a scene from my fan fic happened in real life! Alright, so I went to a little bonfire with a bunch of girls I didn't know, 2 I did know, and 1 that like me. There was a guy there besides me for a bit, and another came over for like 30 min, but that's not important. So it was late at night, and they were going to drive everyone back home. So didn't feel like going home, because I had so much fun. So I asked if I could stay, and I was told I couldn't. So on the way back I asked if I could again, and she said yes! So anyway it was the two girls that I liked the most, but I didn't know. One of them liked me, so anyway we stayed up to 2 in the morning and went to bed. I slept on a bed, and I awoke with them upstairs watching TV. I felt like Steel Strings for a second, living in Rarity's and Derpy's house. Haha. I feel I should ask her out, the one that likes me. We're both awkward, so it's kind of cool haha. We have a similar tastes in music also. What do you think?
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GiZmo1234 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2012
DOOD THATS AWESOME! You slept in someones house! lols. I think you should. Akward people should stay together X3 But if it keeps happening then just dont go all crazy like steel strings X3
Bmoreravens12 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2012
Oh I meant to say I slept on a couch, but yeah that's awesome isn't it? I think I'm going to ask her out.
GiZmo1234 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2012
DO IT ! :3
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Bmoreravens12 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2012
Are you caught up on my fic? I only have a few chapters left to go!
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